University Professor of Advanced Microscopy and Cellular Dynamics, University of Vienna, Austria

We are seeking outstanding scientists who employ advanced microscopy techniques to study fundamental biological processes, from single molecules via cells to whole tissues. Candidates with research programs in cryo-electron microscopy, electron tomography, or light microscopy (including super-resolution microscopy and single molecule techniques) are all invited to apply.

About the Max Perutz Labs

The successful candidate will be embedded in the Max Perutz Labs, a joint venture of the University of Vienna and the Medical University of Vienna. The Max Perutz Labs is committed to elucidating the mechanisms underlying fundamental biomedical processes by analyzing and reconstituting them across both spatial and temporal scales. The Max Perutz Labs offers cutting-edge infrastructure and a vibrant research community. The Max Perutz Labs is part of the Vienna BioCenter (VBC) Campus, which comprises four basic research institutions supported by the Vienna Biocenter Core Facilities (VBCF). The recruited candidate is expected to develop an ambitious, innovative and collaborative research program that creates a strong synergy with other research groups.

For additional information please check the job offer.
Closing date 23 September 2020.