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Open Access Text-Book on Bioimage Data Analysis


In recent years, the focus in microscopy has changed from obtaining the correct image or sequence of images to the processing of said images. Therefore the field of image data analysis has become a crucial part of the experimental setup. So far the literature has not taken the image analyst into consideration, because the publications were either aimed at the computer science audience, i.e. focused on algorithm development, or at biologists, i.e. focused on the biological aspects. Kota Miura and his colleagues, from the EMBL in Heidelberg, have brought together their experiences to create a textbook that bridges this gap in the literature. All authors of the book have a track record of teaching courses about bioimage data analysis and their teaching materials became the building blocks of this book.

The book has been released as an open access textbook with the kind support of Olympus. It is available via download from this link: bit.ly/BIAS-book