Dear all, The laboratory of Prof. Prisca Liberali at the Friedrich Miescher Institute for Biomedical Research (FMI) in Basel, Switzerland is looking for a highly motivated PhD candidate or postdoctoral fellow. The group studies the molecular and cellular mechanisms of mouse and human organoids and gastruloids formation and self-organization by […]

Postdoc Light Sheet Microscopy, FMI Basel, Switzerland

Thankfully, *no change* in visa rules for the upcoming course. Our highly successful international 4-Day Intensive Hands-On Course will run again on 24-27 March 2020. Running for over 15 years, with over 400 delegates to date and with 100% recommended feedback, the course is run in the Bioscience Technology […]

Confocal Microscopy+ 4-Day Hands-On course, 24-27 March 2020, York, UK

Dear colleagues, we have a PostDoc position opening for a candidate who ideally has experience in superresolution and an extensive track record of using high-end microscopy. He/she will develop, test and establish workflows for new superresolution projects of several collaboration partners on the new MinFlux microscopy technology. Employment location will […]

Postdoc in Super-resolution, BSSE ETH Zurich, Switzerland

General Information “Trends in Microscopy” (TiM), the biennial conference of GerBI-GMB, changes format! In 2020, TiM, alias GerBI-GMB Spring School, will be an intense microscopy training camp offering hands-on workshops and scientific talks from distinguished guest speakers. The program will also cover fundamentals of optics and practical sessions on image […]

TiM 2020: German Bioimaging Spring School, 9-13 March 2020, Albgut ...

The Max Planck Institute for Biophysical Chemistry is one of the largest institutes of the Max Planck Society for the Advancement of Science and conducts basic research to advance knowledge and benefit society. Innovative projects and interdisciplinary cooperation characterize research within the Max Planck Society. The Live-cell Imaging Facility ( is seeking […]

Technical Assistant for flow cytometry and microscopy, MPI Goettingen, Germany