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ELMI was created in 2001 to establish a unique communication network between European scientists working in the field of light microscopy and the manufacturers of their equipment.

Bioimage Analyst Research Engineer, Toulouse, France

Salary range: ≥ 44,000 and < 52,000€ annual gross
24 months
Workplace: Toulouse – FRANCE
Application deadline: 01/07/2016

Name of recruiting organization:
CNRS, Délégation Midi-Pyrénées (Toulouse)

Description of recruiting organization:
The ITAV (www.itav-recherche.fr/index.php/en/) is a Joint Service and Research Unit CNRS – Université Toulouse III Paul Sabatier. It is a cross-disciplinary center for biological research, dedicated to innovation in the fields of Bio-Nano-Info-Technologies, encouraging cross-disciplinary projects in the life sciences which are chosen for their potential for application: biomathematics, bioinformatics, modeling, in vivo imaging, chemistry/biology interface, biomedical instrumentation and robotics. The ITAV currently counts 10 research teams. The IP3D (Innovation for the study of tumor cell Proliferation in 3D) team aims at investigating tumoral cell dynamics and proliferation in an integrated context using original multicellular tumour spheroid 3D models (MCTS), giving particular attention to the systemic study of the biology of cell cycle control and cell fate. This relies strongly on the development of new 3D imaging technologies based on the SPIM/LSFM (Light Sheet Fluorescence Microscopy), combining innovative adaptive optics and photomanipulation devices placed in the optical path, along with innovative and versatile sample holders.

Description of the position to fill:
We are looking for an ambitious candidate who is a proactive individual, able to work independently and who has excellent organizational skills. The successful candidate will be associated with the R&D biophotonics group of the IP3D team and s/he will develop, implement and apply image analysis tools (eg. Segmentation, tracking…) specifically for the following project: “Spatial-temporal dynamics of the bystander effects on cellular and tissular levels in an integrated model: a study with light sheet microscopy.”
The successful candidate should have a solid background in informatics, physic optics, engineering or lifesciences. Experience in image processing and analysis and strong skills in either C/C++, Python, Matlab, Java, GPU are mandatory. Ideally, the candidates should have experience in light microscopy and microscopy data analysis. Knowledge of software such as Fiji, ICY, ARIVIS is a big plus.

Send a full CV and a cover letter to: corinne.lorenzo(at)itav.fr