Grants for BioImage Analysts !

Dear all,

NEUBIAS, the network of European BioImage Analysts funded by the EU framework COST,
has opened a new activity that will run continuously for 4 years,
and is centered on mobility grants, also called Short-Term Scientific Missions.

In a Nutshell, BioImage Analysts and Life Scientists, from Research Labs AND Core facilities,
can apply for funds to cover their expenses when visiting a Host-Lab in a different country (Lab or industry)
where they will perform a short scientific project strictly focused on BioImage Analysis,
and that should enable:

1) collaborations on innovative image analysis methods,

2) access to big data analysis technology and/or image analysis tools for scientists lacking them locally,

3) knowledge transfer to support careers and regional development.

Please check all the information here:

and contact these people for any question:

Julia Fernandez Rodriguez – NEUBIAS STSM Coordinator –
Clara Prats – NEUBIAS WG7 Co-Leader –
Julien Colombelli – NEUBIAS Action Chair –