Senior Technician for Microscopy and Dynamic Imaging, CNIC, Spain

Experienced Technologist

Unit of Microscopy and Dynamic Imaging

The CNIC Foundation is dedicated to research into the origins and treatment of
cardiovascular diseases. The Foundation occupies an investigation center of 23.000 square meters in Madrid including more than 6000 square meters of laboratory space and equipped with a comprehensive modern infrastructure.
The Foundation opens a position of “Senior Technician for Microscopy and Dynamic Imaging Core Facility” to work in the Unit of Microscopy and Dynamic Imaging, under the direction of Dr. Valeria R. Caiolfa, to support the excellently equipped core unit of CNIC hosting a broad range of light microscope techniques such as confocal microscopy, 2-photon/intravital microscopy, TIRF microscopy, light-sheet microscopy, super-resolution by STED and dSTORM and a number of image analysis workstations.

Essential Requirements:

  • Bachelor Degree in the life sciences field.
  • Capability of offering comprehensive technical support in routine and advanced light microscopy techniques (candidate´s experience must be demonstrable)
  • Capability of operating technical databases
  • Experience in image analysis by Fiji and Imaris
  • Capability of performing preventive maintenance and cleaning routines also in collaboration with external technical services when necessary
  • Capability to communicate with the users in English and Spanish

For additional information please check the job offer.