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HREM & Phenotyping Workshop, 20-22 October 2017, Vienna, Austria

Generation & Interpretation of HREM data deduced from normal &
mutant E14.5 mouse embryos from the DMDD program

High resolution episcopic microscopy (HREM) is the key screening technique for large scale
phenotyping of genetically modified E14.5 mouse embryos produced in the DMDD program.

In lectures, demonstrations and hands on sessions the workshop will introduce the HREM
technology and discuss its value for producing digital volume data that allow scoring the
morphological phenotype of genetically altered E14.5 mouse embryos in a systematic and
standardized approach. The HREM procedure will be described and specimen preparation
and data generation will be demonstrated. The normal anatomy of E14.5 mouse embryos
and the morphology, topology and tissue architecture of their organs, as they present
themselves in HREM data will be explained with a special focus resting on developmental
peculiarities and norm variations. A protocol for scoring abnormalities will be demonstrated
and in hands on sessions used for phenotyping HREM data sets of embryos. The process for
scoring mutants will then be demonstrated in selected mutants produced in the DMDD
project. Finally each participant will be supervised in scoring such data.

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