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Postdoc, Institute of Microbiology (CAS), center ALGATECH, Czech Rep.


Centre ALGATECH (Group of thylakoid membrane dynamics, Dr. Radek Ka┼ła) is
looking for a visiting post-doc for a short stay (3 months). The postdoc will have an opportunity to join the group and to be part of the currently running project STRUCTURE AND DYNAMICS OF CYANOBACTERIAL THYLAKOIDS. The proposed stay includes experimental work with confocal microscopy (ZEISS LSM 880) in a frame of the project dealing with localization/mobility of thylakoid membrane proteins in cyanobacteria thylakoids.
During the stay, post doc will experimentally address specific question of the project. The work will include mostly experiments with confocal microscopy with ready-to-use cyanobacteria strain with fluorescently tagged thylakoid membrane proteins.

For additional information please consult the job offer.