About the ELMI

ELMI was created in 2001 to establish a unique communication network between European scientists working in the field of light microscopy and the manufacturers of their equipment.

Project Manager/Microscopist (50%), MIAP Freiburg, Germany

The Microscopy and Image Analysis Platform Freiburg (MIAP-Freiburg)
at the Albert-Ludwigs University (ALU) in Freiburg is seeking a

Project Manager/Microscopist (50%)

Parental leave/Elternzeitvertretung until 17.1.2019

MIAP-Freiburg is funded by the DFG call for “Core facilities” with the aim to connect and foster microscopy and image analysis resources in Freiburg at the ALU, the University Clinic, the Max-Planck Institute for Immunobiology and Epigenetics (MPI-IE) and the Fraunhofer Institute for Physical Measurement Techniques. Facilities in the Tri-national Biovalley Rhine area (Basel, Strasburg) are integrated, too.
Light microscopy is one of the key methods in the life and natural science research in Freiburg. The MIAP Freiburg brings together more than 30 advanced imaging systems including laser scanning confocal, two-photon, and wide-field microscopy, TIRF, STED/ PALM/STORM and developers and programmers in the area of microscopy and optics. The Freiburg MIAP members support approximately 450 users from about 150 work groups. More than 40.000 hours of instrument time is booked annually. The working language in MIAP will be mostly English.

For additional information please check the job offer.

Deadline for the application is 17.1.2018