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Image Processing and Data Analysis Senior Experimental Officer, Bioimaging Facility, University of Manchester, UK

A new post has been created for an experienced Image Processing and Data Analysis Senior Experimental Officer in the Bioimaging Facility at the University of Manchester, UK. This position is funded through the University via user access fees and although the post is initially for 2 years, the likelihood is that this will become a permanent position after this time.

The Bioimaging Facility has over 30 different microscopes including simple snapshot fluorescence, long term live cell imaging, deconvolution, high content imaging, TIRF, spinning disc confocal, point scanning confocals, light sheet, super resolution and in vivo multiphoton. All of these produce vast amounts of mullti-dimensional data and the users need improved workflows to help extract the meaningful data from these images. Common requests include cell tracking, co-localisation, protein expression patterns, morphological changes over time and 3D reconstructions. However, we know there’s so much more that could be achieved from these datasets and we need the successful candidate to take the analysis to the next level. We require an experience candidate with a proven track record in image processing, data analysis and scripting.

You will work alongside the existing (very friendly and informal) Bioimaging Facility team and you will be the primary contact for image analysis – helping to develop bespoke workflows and scripts on both commercial and open source software.  However, you are also welcome to work on hardware modification and integration in order to improve the upstream image acquisition.

Please pass this advert onto anyone you think might be interested in the position. The UK is still a great place to live and work!!

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Closing Date : 22/02/2018