full time IT manager, Universite Libre de Bruxelles, Belgium

Official announcement (in French) https://efficy.ulb.ac.be/EFFICY.DLL/guest?app=ULBRH&page=Publ.htm&kpubl=1036

English translation below:

The laboratory of Neurophysiology at the Universite libre de Bruxelles (ULB, Brussels), member of the ULB-Neuroscience Institute (https://uni.ulb.ac.be)  is recruiting a full time IT manager (http://www.ulb.ac.be/drh/emploi/index.html  Reference 2017/41)

The functions include:

  • Computer support for the various activities of the laboratory of Neurophysiology (http://neurophy.ulb.ac.be & http://celegans.ulb.ac.be/wordpress/) which includes both the processing of in vivo and in vitro electrophysiology data, imaging and behavioural analysis; as well as the Microscopy Facilitator Facility (LiMiF http://limif.ulb.ac.be).
  • Management of the local network and massive data flows (Tbs/year, continuous increase), in vitro and in vivo electrophysiology and imaging, server configuration and maintenance, data security, backup, archiving, etc . ;
  • IT support and support for the analysis of electrophysiological signals and image analysis to researchers;
  • Support for the implementation and maintenance of data acquisition systems for electrophysiology (patch clamp and imaging) in vitro and in vivo (Neuralinx) (optogenetics, behaviour, electrophysiology in vivo and calcium imaging by micro-endoscopy (Inscopix ) Development of software and script for coupling electrophysiological recordings or in vivo imaging and behavior (Matlab);
  • Support for simple analysis of imaging data (generic analyses for most users eg segmentation, counts) by open source software (eg ImageJ / Fiji) or commercial eg (LiMiF) ZEN, Huygens, Imaris, including support for local development of these softwares (macro / plugins). Some specific projects that require further development in image analysis will have to rely on dedicated resources (e.g. Master students in engineering / computer science, post-doc project, etc.);
  • Management of existing online booking software and their development according to the implementation of new equipments.


Master in Computer Science or Civil Engineer in Computer science or other degrees of Civil Engineer. Experience in a similar function is an obvious but not mandatory asset. A motivated young graduate with a solid background may be suitable for the position.

Knowledge and skills required:

  • Knowledge of computer science (PC, Mac and servers), programming (Matlab, Python, ImageJ, etc.), experience in signal analysis (electrophysiology) and / or in image processing (microscopy and / or video tracking);
  • Proficiency in written and spoken English is mandatory

Desired Qualities:

  • Ability to work as a team player – while having a capacity for initiative and proactive action;
  • Sense of service and listening ability to capture the needs of biologists to efficiently translate them into hardware and / or software solutions;
  • Communication skills in English and, optionally, in French;
  • Stress resilience;
  • Adaptability to the various needs of users, often “in the emergency” (deadlines, etc.).

Application deadline: 26 February 2018

ULB official job offer page (in French) https://efficy.ulb.ac.be/EFFICY.DLL/guest?app=ULBRH&page=Publ.htm&kpubl=1036