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Scientific Officer in Advanced Light Microscopy, National Centre for Cellular Imaging, University of Gothenburg, Sweden

Scientific Officer in Advanced light microscopy 

The National Centre for Cellular Imaging (CCI) at the University of Gothenburg, is one of the leading academic imaging facilities in Sweden providing expertise and access to advanced microscopy to the research community, both locally and at other Swedish universities and abroad. The CCI offers high-end microscopy techniques for researchers in the various fields of life science, but also chemistry, physics, material science. The equipment includes several laser scanning (confocal and multiphoton) microscopes, a large number of other fluorescent microscopes, laser microdissection microscope, super-resolution microscopes, as well as scanning and transmission electron microscopes. The scientific staff at the CCI assists researchers in the experimental designing and planning of microscopy experiments and provides the in-depth training for the operation of the microscopes and for specific imaging techniques. Additionally, support is provided in the processing, rendering and analysis of the acquired datasets.

Job assignment

The CCI is now looking for an experienced Scientific Officer in advanced light microscopy.The purpose of this post is to facilitate the development of novel imaging and analysis methods in close collaboration with PI’s to apply these methods to their specific research questions. The main tasks for the post holder will include advice in sample preparation, imaging, training, maintenance and operations in advanced light microscopy. The position does not include own research.

Job description:  

You will work in the Centre for Cellular Imaging advanced microscopy facility. 1) educating and training core facility users in to select and apply the appropriate advanced light microscopy techniques, using a wide range of biological specimens and experimental approaches; 2) supporting our users, by assisting and training them in sample preparation; 3) giving advice on the design of imaging experiments in order to optimize output and research activities, especially in functional microscopy (FRET, FRAP, etc.), multiphoton and super-resolution microscopy; 4) giving support in image processing and analysis, by educating users in the fundamentals of imaging processing as well as the usage of most common image processing/analysis packages; 5) developing new imaging methods required to solve specific problems that may arise in the various research projects; 6) The post holder will also participate in the organization and teaching of practices/lectures for graduate and undergraduate courses.

Qualifications and Experience                     

We are seeking an ambitious and service-oriented team player with excellent interpersonal and organizational skills. The suitable candidate should hold a PhD degree in Science (Physics/Biology/Chemistry) or engineering, with at least five years of research and practical experience in advanced light microscopy (confocal, multiphoton and super‐resolution). Skills in data evaluation and analysis would be an advantage. A basic knowledge in current biological and biomedical research is essential. The post holder should have broad knowledge of specimen preparation, common fluorophores and other labelling techniques. Special considerations will be given to scientific expertise in and previous hands-on experience in more than one of the following methods: FRAP, FRET, FCS, single molecule localization microscopy, correlative light and electron microscopy.  The candidate should be willing to expand his/her knowledge in new microscopy techniques and be ready to work in a highly interdisciplinary environment. Ability to manage workload and structure the work with short timelines, with good communication in English and organisational skills are essential. We are looking for an enthusiastic person with a research background who combines technical expertise with strong communication skills, who has a strong will to aid other researcher in their work, but also the motivation to work independently.

How to apply

Please apply via the University of Gothenburg’s recruitment portal:


Closing date: 2 March 2018