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EMBO Workshop Imaging Mouse Development, 24-27 July 2018, EMBL Heidelberg, Germany

Registration – 1 May 2018
Abstract – 1 May 2018

Why attend?

This workshop will bring together and help establish an emerging community with the common goal of four dimensional reconstruction of mammalian development. A number of longstanding questions surrounding the early development of mammals have been inaccessible to molecular research due to technical limitations and poor physical accessibility of these processes. How is the body plan established in the early embryo? How is morphogenesis coordinated with lineage specification? The recent revolutions in advanced light microscopy and bioimage informatics have opened up completely new avenues to address these questions and make fundamental advances in our understanding of the developing mammalian embryo.


This meeting will provide a buzzing forum to exchange the latest ideas and techniques, foster new collaborations, and formulate strategies to address gaps in our knowledge and technical challenges. It will make an important contribution towards building an inclusive and open community among the fields of imaging technology and mammalian development, to promote the free exchange of resources and concepts, where different research groups can contribute and build off one another’s advances, and prevent the fragmentation and incompatibility of data resources and techniques.

Who should attend?

Members of the mouse developmental community, advanced microscopy, computational image analysis and, more broadly, quantitative biology will come together to raise awareness about the available techniques and foster a discussion about how we can utilise them to resolve the outstanding questions. This will also be an excellent opportunity to have an open conversation about what tools are still needed and how to make large datasets publicly available.