About the ELMI

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Postdoc Alzheimer’s desease, Goethe University, Frankfurt, Germany

Group description:

Our group is focused on the basic research of the comorbidity states of Alzheimer’s disease (AD) and vascular cognitive impairment (VCI) to investigate underlying disease pathways as well as potential biomarker profiles. The function of the neurovascular unit and its alteration during disease progression is investigated using various methods including in vivo 2 Photon imaging, RNA sequencing, primary cell culture, and molecular biology. This position, provides the opportunity to conduct research in the field of neurovascular disorders in a vibrant and well-rounded environment.


General requirements:

We are seeking enthusiastic and ambitious candidates with a strong background in neurodegenerative disorders, stroke, cellular and molecular biology. We encourage interdisciplinary work and invite candidates with a background is physics and experience in 2-Photon imaging who show a keen interest in the functional mechanisms of the neurovascular unit is disease states for application. Candidates are required to have a PhD in biology or physics.


The position:

We are seeking to fill the position at the earliest possible opportunity. The position is initially limited to August 31th, 2021, with the possibility of extension. Methods that are used include the use of intracranial in vivo 2 Photon imaging, acute brain slices, primary cell culture models of the blood brain barrier as well as immunohistochemistry and molecular biology.


For additional information please check the job offer.

Closing date: 16 October 2018.