Large Core Facility Survey for the ELMI CF day

Dear colleagues,

We,  the organizers of the ELMI Core Facility Session, have put together a survey about many important questions and topics concerning Core Facilites (CF):

  • CF Staff career
  • CF organization
  • Instruments: quality, standards and maintenance
  • Service contracts
  • IT organization in CF / Windows 10 upgrade issues

Most of these topics will be presented during the Core Facility session in Brno.

To have a broad database for the talks and discussions we hope that many of you will answer the survey ASAP.

Deadline for the survey: 31.5.2019

Link to the survey:

Best regards and see you soon at ELMI.

The organizers (Laurent Gelman, Marco Marcello, Roland Nitschke, Laure Plantard, Stefan Terjung)