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Microinjection into Adherent Cells, 29-30 October 2019, EMBL Heidelberg, Germany

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Course Overview

20% of the course programme covers lectures and tutorials on microinjection and corresponding microscopy techniques by experts in the field. 80% focuses on hands on practical work organised in small groups.


This course is aimed at technicians and scientists interested in microinjection into adherent cells. Participants should have basic experience with cell culture and microscopy.


  • Sample preparation
  • Microinjection of marker dyes
  • Microinjection of GFP-labeled DNA and protein constructs
  • Microscopy training
  • Analysis of the experiments with fluorescence microscopy techniques

Learning Outcomes

The aim of the course is to provide particpants with hands-on tutorials and the theory behind microinjection into adherent cells. It is possible to bring your own sample material. Please contact the trainer in advance. This course is co-organised with Eppendorf.

Please check the course pages for more information and registration.
Registration deadline is 6 August 2019.

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