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Facility Manager – Advanced Microscopy and Bioimaging, Int. Nanotechnology Laboratory (INL), Braga, Portugal

Ref.10.19.36 – Facility Manager – Advanced Microscopy and Bioimaging

Closing Date extended: November 29th 2019, 23:00h Lisbon time

Employer: Int. Nanotechnology Laboratory (INL)
Location: Braga, Portugal
Contract Duration: 4 years
Department: Nanophotonics
Job Type: Full Time
Required academic degree: PhD degree
Salary: Competitive package and benefits

INL is looking for an Advanced Microscopy and Bioimaging Facility Manager and service application scientist to join our team of imaging experts in INL optical microscopy and enable the transition from a research infrastructure to a user core microscopy facility.  The INL advanced imaging facility is one of the best-equipped microscopy facilities in Portugal, which recently became a node in the PPBI – Portuguese Platform of BioImaging, with the following fluorescence-based spectroscopy and imaging techniques: Confocal microscopy, FC(C)S (LSM Zeiss780), wide field, TIRF, dSTORM (Nikon Ti-E), confocal Raman Microscope (WiTec), and custom developed systems operated by the INL research groups including FLIM, Multi-Photon Microscopy, AFM-Differential Spinning Disk combinations and others.
INL is looking for a dedicated person passionate about microscopy and helping internal and external life sciences and nanotechnology researchers to get the most out of today’s cutting edge microscopes as well as helping to position our facility on national and international level. 

Job Requirements and Key Responsibilities:

As an Advanced Microscopy and Bioimaging Facility Manager you will take on a key role within the following responsibilities:

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