Principles and Applications of Fluorescence Microscopy, March 2-13, 2020, Paris, France

Institut Pasteur, Paris, March 2-13, 2020

Fluorescence microscopy has revolutionized researchers’ ability to monitor cellular structures and dynamics. Over the last decades, the spectrum of applications of fluorescence microscopy has been constantly broadened by novel combinations of optics principles supported by the rapid evolution of hardware technologies.

This yearly course seeks to elucidate the fundamental principles underlying conventional as well as cutting-edge fluorescence microscopy techniques in order to enable the students to choose the most appropriate tools for their research and prepare them to readily understand upcoming microscopy developments.

This course will cover:

  • Basic optics and fluorescence principles underlying traditional and super-resolution microscopy
  • Applications of fluorescence-based microscopy methods to studying living cells
  • Hands-on experience constructing basic optics configurations used in microscopy
  • Hands-on experience using state-of- the-art imaging equipment provided by microscope vendors.

Online registration and program: Principles and Applications of Fluorescence Microscopy
Application deadline: 30 November 2019