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Postdoc position MINFLUX, EMBL Heidelberg, Germany

Location:Heidelberg, Germany
Staff Category:Postdoctoral Fellow
Contract Duration:2 years
Closing Date:10 January 2020
Reference Number:HD01658

The Ries group at the Cell Biology and Biophysics Unit in Heidelberg is developing novel superresolution microscopy technologies to investigate the structure and dynamics of protein machines inside cells.

MINFLUX, a recent development from the Stefan Hell lab, is a superresolution method with the potential of achieving nanometer spatial and sub-second temporal resolution in living cells (Gwosch, Pape, Balzarotti, Hoess, Ellenberg, Ries, & Hell. MINFLUX nanoscopy delivers multicolor nanometer 3D-resolution in (living) cells. doi:10.1101/734251). This would allow us to directly image the dynamic functional changes of protein machines inside cells. At the EMBL we will receive one of the first commercial MINFLUX instruments, giving us unique access to this promising new technology. The aim of this project is to further develop and optimize MINFLUX to make it applicable to biological systems.

Your role

In close collaboration with the Abberior company and Stefan Hell’s group, the postdoc will:

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