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Postdoc protein-based nanotools, PRBB Barcelona, Spain

Postdoc to develop protein-based nanotools for light and electron microscopy (Barcelona)”

Summary: “We open a 2-year postdoc position funded with a HFSP project. The researcher will develop intracellular nanotools to overcome the limits of fluorescence microscopy and cryo-Electron Tomograph. We will achieve unprecedented structural data of large protein complexes in situ to time-resolve fundamental mechanisms in cell growth.”

The position: “In collaboration with the groups of Daniel Castaño-Díez (Univ. Basel, Switzerland) and Alex de Marco (Monash Univ., Australia), we received a HFSP grant to continue pushing the limits of microscopy to investigate molecular structures in the cell with Å resolution. The researcher is expected to lead the development of new protein-based nanotools capable to push the resolutive power of live-cell imaging and cryo-ET in yeast. Two new PhD students will also join in this project. The Postdoc will complement our research activity with his/her expertise in the fields of protein engineering, optical physics, quantitative live-cell imaging or image analysis. Depending on the candidate’s background, tasks might include (but are not limited) designing protein structures, developing sample preparation, implementing new imaging and/or image analysis.

The salary will be according to the researcher’s experience. The researcher is expected to start around November 2020 to February 2021″

Our lab:”The candidate will join a newly emerging lab devoted to study large protein machines that control cell growth. We also develop imaging techniques in the frontier between cell biology and structural biology. We are well equipped, including our own microscope for live-cell imaging and single molecule localization microscopy. Postdocs are strongly mentored for their next step. As part of the Pompeu Fabra University, the lab is located at the PRBB, one of the strongest scientific campus in south Europe. With state-of-the-art research facilities, PRBB offers an ideal scientific and international environment.”


If you are interested, please send a short cover letter, your CV and the contact for 3 referees to oriol.gallego@upf.edu before June 20th 2020.