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Research Technician in Quantitative Advanced Light Microscopy, Instituto Biofisika, Bilbao, Spain

The Instituto Biofisika (IBF; www.biofisika.org) in Bilbao (Basque Country in Spain) invites applications for a permanent public servant position as Research Technician in Quantitative Advanced Light Microscopy applied to biology. The IBF is a joint research centre of the University of the Basque Country (UPV/EHU) and the Spanish National Research Council (CSIC). The centre focuses on fundamental and translational biophysics research and offers a highly collaborative culture. The Quantitative Advanced Light Microscopy core facility at the institute will be a node of ESFRI Euro-Bioimaging (EuBI).

Qualifications of the successful candidate include:

Responsibilities of the successful candidate include:

This is a permanent civil servant position (Escala de Técnicos Superiores Especializados de Organismos Públicos de Investigación (Ref.37655)) sponsored by CSIC. The reference for this position is #23 Instrumentación en Biofísica – Instituto Biofisika. To apply for this position you must register (€30.49 fee) for the selection process at http://administracion.gob.es/PAG/ips before February 3, 2021.

You can access additional information related to this call at https://sede.csic.gob.es/servicios/formacion-y-empleo/convocatorias-personal/-/convocatoria/37655.

Please contact Dr. Artur Escalada (artur.escalada@csic.es), deputy director of the IBF, for any questions and further clarifications.