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Postdoctoral Fellow, IRB Barcelona, Spain

IRB Barcelona is seeking a Postdoctoral researcher to work at the Colorectal Cancer Laboratory directed by Dr. Eduard Batlle in a joint project with the Advanced Digital Microscopy Facility led by Julien Colombelli, as part of the international consortium MACH3CANCER (mach3cancer.org), funded by CRUK and AECC, reference GEACC19006BAT from the Accelerator Awards of the ‘Fundación de la Asociación Española contra el Cancer (FAECC)’.

The project aims to develop and apply high-throughput 3D live imaging technology (based on “lightsheet” Oblique Plane Microscopy and Confocal Spinning Disk HTS)  that will contribute to the understanding of how cancer cells behave in complex 3D structures and will enable robust interrogation of responses to cancer therapy with single cell resolution. Screens will include longitudinal live cell imaging assays and use sophisticated phenotypic endpoints – with the potential to link to and inform subsequent single cell genomic and proteomic analysis. New, modular, open source, high content analysis (HCA) instrumentation and software tools will be developed to address the imaging challenges associated with 3D cell cultures and organoids. This will lead to enhanced understanding of the mechanisms of drug resistance and more effective high content screens for new therapies.

Full job offer and information at: https://recruitment.irbbarcelona.org/jobs/1042727-postdoctoral-fellow-ref-pd-21-02
Closing date 20 February 2021