About the ELMI

ELMI was created in 2001 to establish a unique communication network between European scientists working in the field of light microscopy and the manufacturers of their equipment.

BINA Program Coordinator, Morgridge Institute, Madison, USA

The Organization

As an independent research organization, the Morgridge Institute for Research explores uncharted scientific territory to discover tomorrow’s cures. In affiliation with the University of Wisconsin-Madison, we support researchers who take a fearless approach to advancing human health in emerging fields such as regenerative biology, metabolism, virology and medical engineering. Through public programming, we work to inspire scientific curiosity in everyday life.

Job Purpose:

This position will fill a critical role in delivering the aims of the BioImaging North America (BINA) network, namely bringing together the bioimaging community across Canada, the United States and Mexico to enhance training and expertise, imaging quality control, technology dissemination, data sharing and collaboration and communication between its members. In addition, reaching out to our international partners in organization such as BioImaging UK and Global BioImaging. The successful applicant will be responsible for coordinating all significant interactions with the North American bioimaging community, including organizing community meetings and surveys, training materials and website content, and helping to prepare and deliver presentations and publications for the community.

The BINA Program Coordinator will report directly to Morgridge investigator Dr. Kevin Eliceiri, representing the BINA Executive Committee (EC), will engage with and support working group chairs and working group activities and will present regular status updates and project reports to the BINA leadership committee and funders.  Interactions with our partner imaging networks worldwide to develop a coordinated approach towards enhancing the field of bioimaging will also form a primary role of this position.

Primary Responsibilities

The Program Coordinator will oversee all aspects of the Chan Zuckerberg Initiative-funded BINA project.  This includes working closely with working group (WG) chairs and EC members, and engaging with corporate partners, international networks, academic institutions and imaging facilities to continue to grow and build BINA. The Program Coordinator will help establish the strategic plan for BINA and identify key areas of focus for maximal impact. They will oversee regional training events, national meetings, exchange of expertise visits, quality control management with the metrology suitcase program and professional development programs. Example responsibilities will be:

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