About the ELMI

ELMI was created in 2001 to establish a unique communication network between European scientists working in the field of light microscopy and the manufacturers of their equipment.

Director Austrian BioImaging/CMI, Vienna, Austria

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Austrian BioImaging/CMI is a research infrastructure consortium of 8 Austrian universities and research institutions that offers interinstitutional and transnational access to imaging technologies, data services, R&D and training in biological and biomedical imaging. This expertise hub for multimodel imaging is the official Austrian Euro-BioImaging Node of leading imaging experts in Austria. We are looking for a

Director (f/m/d – full-time)
To help us administer and grow Austrian BioImaging/CMI.

Key responsibilities
As the Managing Director, you will be responsible for the successful operation of the consortium Austrian BioImaging/CMI. Your role will cover the administrative coordination of the Node, coordination of joint research projects, and initiation of networking and dissemination activities. Specifically, your tasks will include:

  • National and international representation of Austrian BioImaging at conferences & (board) meetings
  • Active communication with public bodies & administration; active collaboration with Euro-BioImaging
  • Administration and management of incoming (Euro-BioImaging) project requests
  • Acquistion of new customers by active promotion of Austrian BioImaging’s service portfolio
  • Budget planning and implementation
  • Organization of regular Managing and Steering Board Meetings, the General Assembly, and conferences
  • Setup of networking activities on an internal, national and international level
  • Initiation and coordination of new training formats and workshops
  • Initiation and coordination of multimodal showcase projects to streamline cross-facility workflows, and acquisition of funding for such projects together with members of Austrian BioImaging/CMI
  • Dissemination/Publication of Austrian BioImaging’s achievements (including R&D results and news)
  • Maintenance of website and social media channels
  • Recruitment of external funding to secure a long-term sustainability of Austrian BioImaging/CMI

For additional information please check the job offer.
Closing date 31 January 2022.