About the ELMI

ELMI was created in 2001 to establish a unique communication network between European scientists working in the field of light microscopy and the manufacturers of their equipment.

Scientific employee with OMERO experience, university of Duesseldorf, Germany

Job description

The management of image data is a particular challenge in everyday research due to the complexity and often also the size of these data. Within the framework of the DFG-funded project “I3D:bio – Information Infrastructures for Image Data Management”, we will establish an infrastructure that offers services based on OMERO. OMERO is an open-source platform for the vizualisation, management and processing of scientific image data. Within the framework of I3D:bio, target group-oriented and user-oriented instructions for the use of OMERO as a central resource will be made available, as well as tools for the annotation of image data with controlled vocabularies.

Your tasks

At CAi (link: www.cai.hhu.de) you will be responsible for the deployment of FAIR image data management practices to the German bioimaging research community, including I3D:bio-standard procedures for the installation and operation of OMERO image databases, the deployment of user-friendly data annotation tools. You will contribute to increase the adoption of metadata standards aligned with international initiatives, to deliver support for data deposition in public repositories for bioimage data and help to establish an OMERO-based database for metrology data for the quality control of microscopy systems.

Our requirements

The pay scale grouping will be, depending on the personal qualification of the applicant, up to pay grade 13 TV-L.

For further information please check the job offer (https://www.hhu.de/fileadmin/redaktion/ZUV/Dezernat_3/Stellenausschreibungen/Doku_wiss_Besch/104.22-3.1_englisch.pdf)
Closing date 16 February 2022