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EMBL Course Super-resolution Microscopy: time-resolved STED Nanoscopy, 11-16 July 2022

Course Overview

This six-day comprehensive microscopy course focuses on stimulated emission depletion microscopy (STED) and its application to biological questions. It covers the fundamentals of STED microscopy, different technical implementations and has a strong emphasis on sample preparation – including choice of fluorophores and refractive index matching, as well as image acquisition strategies for fixed samples and living cells. Students will have the opportunity for exercises on state-of-the-art STED microscopes in which they will acquire high quality nanoscopy data. Through lectures, tutorials, demonstrations and practical workshops, the course provides in-depth knowledge on all aspects of STED Nanoscopy.


This course is designed for researchers at the early stages of their career in the life sciences (e.g. pre or postdoctoral level), ideally with access to a STED microscope. The participants should have an immediate need to apply the trained skills for their biological questions. The course is strongly centered on practical aspects of STED microscopy and is therefore especially suited for people who rely on STED nanoscopy for their research.

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