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EMBL Course Imaging down to single-molecule resolution: STED and MINFLUX nanoscopy, 19 – 24 Sep 2022, EMBL Heidelberg, Germany

Course overview

The course aims to train biological microscopy users in two forms of super-resolution light microscopy, Stimulated Emission Depletion (STED) Microscopy and Minimal photon fluxes (MINFLUX). Both techniques require technical understanding of the process and instrumentation, training in the method specific requirements of sample preparation and in the acquisition procedures and an understanding of how to further analyze the acquired image data. It is the aim of the course to provide the tools for the successful execution of nanoscopy experiments with these two distinct methods. The course should also allow the participants to understand the specific benefits of the different techniques and thus help them in choosing the right approach for their experimental needs.


Aimed at early stage researchers (e.g. pre- or postdoctoral level) in life science with access to STED and MINFLUX super-resolution microscopy equipment and at imaging facility staff involved in training and supporting scientists using STED and MINFLUX super-resolution microscopy. Participants should have an immediate need to apply these techniques. The course will have a strong emphasis on practical know-how needed to leverage the latest developments in STED and MINFLUX microscopy. It is therefore equally suited for scientists who already rely on super-resolution microscopy for their research and researchers applying advanced imaging techniques who want to extend their practical knowledge.

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Registration deadline 20 June 2022