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Survey on energy-saving measures in microscopy core facilities by German BioImaging

Dear all,

The German BioImaging Team “Industry Cooperation”, invites you participate in this survey on energy-saving measures in microscopy core facilities until December 5th: https://gerbi-gmb.de/machform/view.php?id=45774 

This survey is intended to find and define commonalities from which we will derive joint measures for microscopy core facilities with our industry partners for the next months/years. It is intended to help us all to work with our microscopes at low energy consumption, high imaging quality, and without equipment damage. Based on the survey results, our industry partners will develop detailed recommendations/guidelines for equipment operation during the summer and winter months to address the urgent need to further reduce energy consumption for operation, cooling and heating.

The result of the survey will be made public on the German BioImaging website as well as distributed through the International and National Light Microscopy networks.

We’d be grateful if you forward this survey to your colleagues around the world.  

Thank you, and best wishes,

German BioImaging