About the ELMI

ELMI was created in 2001 to establish a unique communication network between European scientists working in the field of light microscopy and the manufacturers of their equipment.

Postdoc 1-year position, Python programming and Microscopy fields, National Laboratory for Advanced Microscopy, Mexico

We are looking for someone with python programming skills, with desirable, but not mandatory, experience in image analysis and optical microscopy.

This project will develop a napari super-resolution microscopy plugin, which will foster global access to fluorescence nanoscopy imaging [1, 2].

Specifically, the candidate will participate in the development of a napari plugin for Fluorescence fluctuation-based superresolution microscopy (FF-SRM), which allows superresolution with any fluorescence microscopy setup [3]. FF-SRM approaches have previously been implemented in Matlab, Python, and FIJI/ImageJ — but to date, have not been implemented yet within the napari ecosystem. 

Budget: $17,000 USD.

It will support a 12-month post-doctoral fellow, or equivalent, in Cuernavaca, Mexico to develop activities of programming, writing, teaching, and engaging with early-career scientists interested in superresolution microscopy ($14,500 USD). The fellow will spend one week at Francis Crick institute, supervised by Rocco D’Antuono ($2,500 USD), to learn light microscopy and image analysis techniques used in Crick Advanced Light Microscopy. 

Application deadline: 30-11-2022.

Staring by: January, 2023.

Where: National Laboratory for Advanced Microscopy. Biotechnology Institute. National Autonomous University of Mexico.

Amount: $17,000 USD.

Duration: One year.

Funding source: The Chan Zuckerberg Initiative. Silicon Valley Community Foundation.

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1. The Key to Scientific Breakthroughs? Improving Access to Open Source Software.


2. superres: A napari Plugin for Superresolution Microscopy.

3. Fluorescence fluctuation-based super-resolution microscopy: Basic concepts for an easy start.