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Engineer to develop light-sheet microscopy for neurosciences applications, Bordeaux, France

Title: Seeking an engineer to develop light-sheet microscopy for neurosciences applications.

Project description
Light Sheet Fluorescence Microscopy technics (LSFM) have proven to be extremely efficient for 3D imaging of biological samples at various spatial and temporal scales with minimal photo-damaging effects. Several solutions have been developed in the field of neuroscience to image samples ranging from fixed whole brains, to single dissociated neurons growing on a coverslip. In this regard, the Interdisciplinary Institute for Neuroscience (IINS) and the Bordeaux Imaging Center (BIC) are equipped with 3 complementary LSFM techniques: (1) an ultramicroscope for whole brain imaging; (2) a Lattice Light Sheet Microscope (LLSM) to image the first layers of brain slices at high spatial resolution; (3) a home-made single objective selective plane illumination microscope (soSPIM) dedicated to 3D cell cultures and in-depth single-molecule localization microscopy (SMLM).
We aim to complete our catalog by implementing a solution based on the Oblique Plane Microscopy (OPM) architecture, which will be dedicated to fast neuronal samples imaging, ie. brain slices, equipped with local photo-manipulation and possibly other recording modalities.

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