About the ELMI

ELMI was created in 2001 to establish a unique communication network between European scientists working in the field of light microscopy and the manufacturers of their equipment.

Academic Staff Member, University of Mainz, Germany 

The Light Microscopy Core Facility of the Biology Department JGU (https://cf.biologie.uni-mainz.de/lmcf-light-microscopy-core-facility-of-the-biology-faculty/) and IMBs Microscopy and Histology Core Facility (https://www.imb.de/core-facilities/microscopy) are seeking an Academic Staff Member supporting projects within CRC1551 “Polymer Concepts for Understanding Cellular Functions” (https://crc1551.com/).

The detailed job description can be found below.



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Bastian Hülsmann, Sandra Ritz and Microscopy Core Facility teams

Closing date 17 September 2023