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ELMI was created in 2001 to establish a unique communication network between European scientists working in the field of light microscopy and the manufacturers of their equipment.

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Announcing the new EMBO Core Facility Fellowships!

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Heidelberg 25 February 2020 – EMBO announces an extension of its current Short-Term Fellowship scheme: Core Facility Fellowships. These fellowships will support exchanges of technology and expertise between core research facilities that provide services to research institutions or universities.…

Textbook on Bioimage Analysis Workflows now available

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“Bioimage analysis is a powerful way to quantify properties of biological systems.Many software tools are available for this, but how to combine various implemented algorithms to address biological questions remains challenging.The textbook “Bioimage Data Analysis Workflows” shows…

new resource for the imaging community: Microforum!

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We are happy to introduce a new resource for the imaging community: Microforum! Microforum is a forum for discussions on specimen, hardware and acquisition aspects of scientific imaging, such as theory and practical use of optical microscopes and detectors, fluorescent proteins & probes.…

BioImage Archive launched

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Dear All- On 2 July 2019, EMBL-EBI announced its launch of the BioImage Archive (press release www.ebi.ac.uk/about/news/press-releases/bioimage-archive-launch). The Image Data Resource project has worked with EMBL-EBI since its launch in 2015 to demonstrate the feasibility and utility of public…

ELMI CF Session, June 2019, Brno, Czech Republic

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Feedback surveys: ELMI 2019 Meeting feedback surveyELMI CF Session 2019 survey Talks of the session: Stefan Terjung: Welcome talk Marco Marcello: Managing career paths, Slido analytics, Slido poll Laurent Gelman: Maintenance/ Quality Control part I Roland Nitschke: Maintenance/ Quality Control part…

Large Core Facility Survey for the ELMI CF day

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Dear colleagues, We,  the organizers of the ELMI Core Facility Session, have put together a survey about many important questions and topics concerning Core Facilites (CF): CF Staff career CF organization Instruments: quality, standards and maintenance Service contracts IT organization in CF /…

Call for flash talks during the CF session at ELMI 2019

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The direct contribution of the core facility microscopy community is one of the secrets of the success of the ELMI meetings. Having this in mind, we are happy to open a call for flash talks in a dedicated session during our CF session the 2019 ELMI meeting on 4 June 2019. The talk should be…