About the ELMI

ELMI was created in 2001 to establish a unique communication network between European scientists working in the field of light microscopy and the manufacturers of their equipment.


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Microscopy Gender Equality Resource

Supporting Gender Equality in Microscopy The RMS is dedicated to supporting equality in the field of microscopy, specifically for speakers invited to attend events internationally. In collaboration with Sian Culley at University College London, this resource has been created to showcase and…

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CORBEL 2nd Open Call for research projects

Euro-BioImaging is excited to be participating in the CORBEL 2nd Open Call for research projects. CORBEL is looking for innovative research projects at the interface between different biomedical and life science fields requiring service provision from multiple research infrastructures. Are you…

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ELMI CF Session, June 2018, Dublin, Ireland

The Core Facility session of the ELMI meeting 2018 in Dublin took place on 5 June 2018. Please help us improving future Core Facility Satellite Meetings by answering this short feedback form. You can check the results of the interactive poll ‘How do we teach’ here.   Provisional…

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International Job Shadowing Program, Global BioImaging

The Global BioImaging project entails an international job shadowing program that aims to give the opportunity to the project’s stakeholders to visit imaging facilities across the globe and learn from their peers. The program allows both the hosting facilities and their guests to exchange…

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Euro BioImaging Image and Video Competition

Euro-BioImaging Image Competition “Research. Captured.” How often do you look at a scientific image or video and think “Wow!”? For the Euro-BioImaging team this happens a lot and we often say that biological and biomedical research produces the most amazing pieces of art! Imaging in…

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NEUBIAS Short Term Scientific Missions (STSMs)

Short Term Scientific Missions (STSMs) 2nd Open Call for Applications: 30th of November, 2016 STSMs will strategically contribute to the Action’s scientific aim of maximizing image-based research outputs by enabling 1) collaborations on innovative image analysis methods, 2) access to big data…

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Grants for BioImage Analysts !

Dear all, NEUBIAS, the network of European BioImage Analysts funded by the EU framework COST, has opened a new activity that will run continuously for 4 years, and is centered on mobility grants, also called Short-Term Scientific Missions. In a Nutshell, BioImage Analysts and Life Scientists, from…

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Core Facility Satellite Meeting@ELMI 2016

Core Facility day As in the last years there will be a meeting for core facility staff before the ELMI meeting. The topics are selected by and for core facility staff, but the meeting is open to all who are interested in core facility related information. The Teaching users and staff committee…

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Open Access Text-Book on Bioimage Data Analysis

In recent years, the focus in microscopy has changed from obtaining the correct image or sequence of images to the processing of said images. Therefore the field of image data analysis has become a crucial part of the experimental setup. So far the literature has not taken the image analyst into…